Importance of Education!!!

Importance of Education!!!


Let us talk about EDUCATION.

I don’t have a degree. Only a silly diploma that gets me no where.

I’m currently unemployed. And for months now I have been searching for a job. But guess what! I have over 15 years of working experience, most of it in management or senior management…but since i don’t have a tertiary education i am, it seems, unemployable.

Work experience alone counts for little. In today’s world, having a degree but not having even as little as 2 years work experience also makes you unemployable!

It’s a mad catch 22 situation.

So. Parents, it is your responsibility to do everything in your power to ensure your child does their very best throughout HIGH SCHOOL, to qualify for TERTIARY EDUCATION, wherever that may be.

Now, don’t be lazy and let the kid do just any course, diploma or degree cos they aren’t sure yet what or who they want to be some day. IT’S YOUR responsibility to do whatever you can to HELP THEM discover themselves as they develop into teenagers and young adults! HELP them figure out what they really want to get a degree i something that matters to them and that counts.

Even if that means a year “off” after school to do an internship or similar. Speaking of internships, if I were a parent I’d encourage (if not force) my kids to do work shadows and internships during high school already. And if possible, while at college or Uni….get them work experience.

The aim is to arm your child with as education and work experience at a younger age (yes, i know my idea sounds harsh for school going kids and its hard work but there is reasoning to the my madness) so when they enter the real, working world they have real chance to make it!!!!

Make sure you and your child understand at the beginning of high school how the world works, and what he/she will need to do to have a brighter future!

Educate yourself. Educate your child.

Love R.

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