Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power

As and when I come across a website, blog or facebook page etc that I think will be of use, interest or for pure entertainment, I’ll add the links here with a short summary on what the page is all about…


“All of us at have experienced debilitating anxiety. But we’ve also overcome it and returned to normal and lasting health. Because we know the hardship anxiety unwellness can cause, we are committed to helping others, with over 30 years of service.” – Jim Folk, President,

I found this site exceptionally useful! It covers topics from what is anxiety, different forms of anxiety, and an easy to understand explanation how anxiety effects your body (biologically & mentally and emotionally) and equally important; how to overcome anxiety! It also offers a variety of tests that I found really valuable, and different methods and options of therapy. I give it a Five Stars rating!

Host | Storyteller | Video Maker | Former Monk | Coach

JAY SHETTY – Making Wisdom go Viral

“He was born in the UK.
When he was 16 he had friends pass away and he realized how precious life was.
He became a monk at 22 for 3 years — I can only imagine this life perspective and experience.
He returned home and began sharing these experiences by speaking with companies.
He caught the attention of Arianna Huffington and took a position hosting a show – he moved to New York City for this.
He then worked with a digital agency.
He then created his own brand and agency creating works that help make wisdom go viral.” Brooks Conkle

If you haven’t heard of Jay Shetty, getting reading now! He’s truly an inspiration! He’s a natural, beautiful storyteller and what I really love about him is his infectious Positivity! Everyone can learn something from him, and it may very well change your way of thinking, your Life! Follow him Now via his website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube!
I give him a Five Stars rating!

GARY VAYNERCHUK – Telling it How it Is!

“Gary Vaynerchuk is the unicorn king of social media marketing, and that is definitely worth recognizing. But, he’s also much more than just a voice on platforms like Twitter. He’s a savvy business man who understands how to use social media to facilitate his success while being a dedicated family man and Jets fan who isn’t afraid to be himself.” Larry kim,

Gary may not be for everyone. He’s brutally honest with his opinions, F bombs aficionado, he’s funny, confident yet humble, and super smart!!! He’s entrepreneur in it’s truest form and social media master. So why have I included him in my blog…because of these: